Timex Switches U.S. Luxury Distributor; Appoints Madaluxe for Aggressive Growth

Timex Group Announces Madaluxe as exclusive US distributor

Steven Barbery Joins Madaluxe Group as Executive Vice President

A New Plan For Ferragamo And Versace Watches

Luxury fashion distributor opens first store

Madaluxe Vault aims to reinstate luxury experience at off-price level

Off-Price Luxury Retailer MadaLuxe Opens First Store

MadaLuxe Group Sets Sights on Retail With Vault Concept

MadaLuxe opens first luxury off-price store in LA

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MadaLuxe Group Sets Sights on Retail With Vault Concept

MadaLuxe Vault Unlocks Luxury in a New Off Price Boutique Model

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MadaLuxe Vault Says it Offers New Kind of Luxe

MadaLuxe vault is stab at off-price luxury

Luxury fashion distributor announces second store and new CEO

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Madaluxe Names New CEO, Announces Plans for Brick-and-Mortar Expansion

Adam Freede CEO

Madaluxe to Open Bicoastal Locations

MadaLuxe names co-founder and president Adam Freede as new CEO

Luxe Goods Distributor Names CEO

Shuffle Board - H&M Taps Chief of New Business; Jason Wu Leaves Hugo Boss

MadaLuxe Group Co-Founder Named CEO

Arizona - Phoenix – Scottsdale

MadaLuxe Group Opens First MadaLuxe VaultPop-Up Shop

MadaLuxe tests Arizona market with off-price pop-up over the weekend

The MadaLuxe Group Maneuvers for Growth

MadaLuxe unveils new headquarters showroom in New York

MadaLuxe invests to be closer to New York brands, retailers

MadaLuxe opens East Coast showroom and headquarters

MadaLuxe Group Opens First MadaLuxe Vault Pop-up

MadaLuxe Opens Second Off Price Boutique

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