Company Overview

An Innovative Global Leader in the Luxury Fashion Space
For over a decade, MadaLuxe Group has been changing the face of luxury fashion. As the parent company of the influential Madaluxe brand, the group markets and distributes goods from the world's most iconic European design houses.
In line with the company's family-run DNA and mission to deliver the highest quality product, MadaLuxe Group remains focused on fostering superior client relationships. This attention positions the group as an extension of each brand, protecting and upholding their client's integrity, strategies, and standards.
In close partnership with its clients, MadaLuxe Group consistently evolves its offerings to strategically support market demand and reach the established and emerging luxury consumer. The group not only distributes to the world's most prestigious retailers, but also through MadaLuxe Vault, their own direct-to-consumer retail destination.


Sandy and Adam
MadaLuxe Group co-founders Sandy Sholl and Adam Freede at our New York Headquarters and Showroom
The sleek interior of our New York offices
Streamlined, modern interiors
Runway videos and lighting inspired by our California roots in an intimate space for visitors
Coffee and Juice Bar
Our communal coffee and juice bar


CA Headquarters
Our Corporate Headquarters in Seal Beach, California