Company overview

The leading worldwide distributor of luxury fashioN

For over three decades, MadaLuxe Group has fueled the world of fashion. With an exclusive foothold in the luxury industry, the group markets, designs, manufactures and distributes luxury goods from the world’s most recognized and respected European fashion Maisons—defining the face of luxury as we know it.

MadaLuxe Group is the leading force behind the distribution of fashion’s most respected maisons, bringing the work of the most renowned, visionary creative directors to customers around the world. In close partnership with its clients, MadaLuxe Group consistently evolves its offerings to strategically support market demand and reach the established and emerging luxury consumer. The group not only distributes to the world’s most prestigious retailers, but also through MadaLuxe Vault, its own direct-to-consumer retail destination.

Backed by an extraordinary team of luxury fashion experts, MadaLuxe Group leads cultural fashion movements thanks to the unmatched expertise of its team—many of whom have been with the company since its inception. In line with the company’s family-run DNA, MadaLuxe Group proudly cultivates the best talent in the fashion industry, including visionary designers, buyers, and brand builders.

As the co-founder of MadaLuxe Group, Adam took the helm as President of the company in 2010. Under Adam’s leadership, MadaLuxe Group became the Americas’ largest distributor of luxury fashion and accessories. During his tenure, Adam expanded the company’s influence through lucrative business deals with distinguished brands and retailers, resulting in an exclusive foothold in the luxury market. 

Rising to his current role as CEO in 2018, Adam has led visionary growth strategies and infrastructure evolutions that continue to position MadaLuxe Group as a pillar in the luxury space. As the driving force behind the group’s business partnerships, Adam is focused on further diversifying the company’s portfolio and launching new strategic partnerships. 

Adam is a dedicated supporter of children and youth. He has sat on the board of World of Children for five years and has served as co-chair for their major events. He is also an ardent believer in motivating by inspiring. As a conscious and committed leader, he purposefully integrates foundational family-style values into his approach. He is a thoughtful mentor, taking time to help people identify and pursue opportunities for personal and professional success.

Sandy Sholl is a luxury fashion expert who has pioneered cultural movements in the industry for more than 35 years. Known for her impeccable taste and visionary style, Sandy has commanded a following of fashion insiders. Her unsurpassed industry relationships and keen understanding of the luxury consumer have helped her create daring business concepts that drive retail revolutions and iconic fashion trends.

Today, Sandy is the co-founder and executive chairman of MadaLuxe Group. In her current role, Sandy continues to trailblaze innovative business ventures that drive the luxury fashion industry forward. From investing in brands to launching new direct-to-consumer concepts, Sandy leverages years of fashion expertise and an insider’s eye to identify emerging opportunities and position MadaLuxe Group for limitless growth.

Sandy’s intense passion to create change filters into everything she does. She is an avid supporter of children and has been actively involved with the prestigious World of Children organization for over ten years, serving as a member of the organization’s Board of Governors for the past eight years. Sandy also supports Tikva Children’s Home, where she has served as a board member for the past fifteen years.